What is Salt Therapy

What is Salt Therapy?
Salt therapy, also known as Halotherapy, is an exposure to kinetically activated dry salt, where the micro-sized salt particles are being inhaled and large salt particles are spread on top of the skin. Since dry salt is antibacterial and super-absorbent, it actively kills several bad bacteria, while reducing inflammation in the respiratory system and widening the airways for better breathing. It has also shown to alleviate symptoms for many skin conditions and internal inflammatory conditions. This is a very safe, completely natural, holistic, and drug-free therapy. In many cases, halo therapy, can reduce or even completely eliminate one’s need for medication. Yet, for those who must take medications, halotherapy is still completely safe: there has not been any known cases of its interfering with any drugs. Halotherapy is known and well regarded as a drug- and side effect-free treatment.
At AnJu, you have many choices of how to enjoy the benefits of Salt Therapy. You may choose to participate in various workshops and classes offered. You may simply come in for short sessions to relax and regroup. You may even hold your next business meeting or a phone conference at AnJu instead of at your office or a coffee shop. 
Children and infants with respiratory issues have shown significant improvement in their conditions with regular halotherapy treatment. Part of our facility is especially designed to host children and to make their time with us as enjoyable as possible. 
At Anju, we extend our treatment not only to your human family, but also to the fury members of your family. Many pets have respiratory and skin conditions, so we are opening our doors to ease your pet’s breathing.