Salt Therapy in Darien, CT

We offer many options to enjoy Halotherapy treatment. All of our sessions are private or semi-private. 

AnJu Salt Therapy Session

A semi-private 45 minute session in the salt environment. 

AnJu Refresh Salt Therapy Session

A semi-private 25 minute session in the salt environment. Used to refresh during lunch break as well as at the beginning and at the end of a busy day.

AnJu Mini-Me Sessions

A semi-private 45 or 25 minute session for those of 14 years of age or younger. Can be enjoyed while relaxing, doing homework, reading, or surfing the web.

AnJu Meowing and Barking Sessions

45 minute or 25 minute sessions for your furry family members (cats and dogs). Great for helping with treatment for the ailments of the skin, respiration, arthritis, and much more.

AnJu CPR Certification Training

CPR certification training while enjoying Salt Therapy. Training provided by an America Red Cross and American Heart Association certified instructor. Certification is valid for 2 years.

Meditation sessions, Company meetings, PTA meetings, Tutoring sessions, Private sessions, Birthday and Bachelorette Parties, Baby Showers all available upon request. If you would like to rent one of our treatment rooms for your function please contact us.  Group Discounts will be provided.

If you have any further requests or questions please fill in the form below and we will contact you!

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