Salt Cave vs. AnJu

Welcome to AnJu Blog. If you have browsed through our website, you are already somewhat familiar with what AnJu is all about and the people behind AnJu. My name is Justa and I will try to keep you updated with the things that I find interesting that relate to halotherapy, salt, wellness, breathing, salt caves, and overall becoming better and healthier humans.

Today, I would like to focus on salt caves in general and our idea behind AnJu Breathing Space. Salt caves have become quite a new thing here in United States. Seems like there is a new one popping up every other month. So what distinguishes AnJu from a typical salt cave?

The idea of the salt cave comes from when salt therapy was first discovered, in a salt cave in Eastern Europe. It is quite understandable that some would choose to mimic the salt cave environment and make it accessible to all. However, when Anna and I had a session in a salt cave we were disappointed. First, it was cold, like in a cave, too cold for comfort. We were told that the temperature needs to be lower to reap the benefits of salt therapy but upon my further research I did not find any such evidence. There is no need to freeze in order to receive the benefits of halotherapy. Secondly, it was dark, uncomfortably so, also did not find any reason for this except maybe to make it seem like a cave. Third, we were surrounded by 8 other people, strangers, many of which were fooling around with the salt (there were salt pebbles on the floor), and many were coughing and sniffling. We felt the benefits of halotherapy, immediately after the first session, but were hesitant to return because of the uncomfortable environment that we were exposed to.

Now, I completely understand where the owners of such salt cave establishments are coming from. They invested in a cookie cutter, prefabricated salt cave and now they must fill the cave to the maximum capacity to make a profit.

This is where Anna and I decided that we want to bring all the benefits of salt therapy to our community, in an environment that is comfortable and catered to each client. That is how AnJu was born.

We decided to stay away from the salt cave idea completely. We cater our room temperature to the needs of the client. We make our best effort to offer clients private or semi-private sessions. We cater to their choice of activity during their sessions. Unlike in a salt cave where the use of electronic devices is frowned upon, we have WiFi available to all of our clients.

We decided not to have salt on our floors because we could not find a logical way to clean the salt after each session. Of course, in the room, during a halotherapy session, salt acts as a natural bacteria killer. However if you have 10 or more people in a room per session multiple sessions per day (as is common in a typical salt cave) you are bound to have dirt, skin particles, hair, and so on on your floors.

The benefits of salt therapy are gained by breathing micro particles of salt, which are dispersed throughout the room by a halogenerator. I was shocked to find that some salt caves do not have a halogenerator. We have installed halogenerators in our treatment rooms for a true salt therapy treatment.

A salt cave may be nice to experience if you are looking exactly for that – a cave experience. We have discovered that people prefer to have a session to themselves without strangers around them. We have discovered that people who come for consistent treatment, of any problem that can benefit from halotherapy, want to relax one session and catch up on emails the next. Nothing about AnJu is “cookie cutter.” We have created a luxurious space for anyone looking to become healthier and more at peace through salt therapy.