Benefits of Halotherapy

Halotherapy has been shown to alleviate and improve many health conditions in a completely natural and effortless way. All that is required from a participant is his or her presence; everything else is done through regular and natural breathing. Known benefits include reduction of symptoms of asthma, seasonal allergies, migraines, and susceptibility to respiratory infections. 
Here is a more complete list of the common conditions known to improve and, potentially, disappear entirely with regular Halotherapy treatment:
 Halotherapy can:
 Reduce susceptibility to colds and flu
Increase lung capacity
Reduce sinus infections
Alleviate allergies and hay fever
Reduce severity of asthma attacks
Improve symptoms of seasonal affective disorder
Reduce wheezing
Improve smoker’s cough 
 Halotherapy deals with common skin conditions, such as:
Halotherapy also provides amazing anti-aging benefits by:
Stimulating the skin’s microcirculation
Balancing the skin’s pH
Improving the skin’s elasticity
Halotherapy offers countless general health benefits, including: 
Enhancement of the immune system
Increase in energy level
Increase in alertness, focus, and concentration
Cleansing of toxins from cells and tissues of the body
Combating illnesses in general
Correcting chemical imbalance
Fighting almost any infection in the body, including ear infections and skin infections
Relieving stress and fatigue